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Three ways to change your career


What professions will be in demand in a year? How about five years? Ten?

STEP Computer Academy offers three different programs which will allow you to become an IT professional in high demand in the rapidly growing job market:

We guarantee you affordable up-to-date education, all you need to have is commitment. And right now we offer 20% discount for those who apply in November. Here are three most common IT careers for you to choose from:

1. Software developer

Guaranteed employment

IT is the only field where number of jobs exceeds number of specialists. Every year the demand for developers is growing.

Unique working conditions

Modern office space, great benefits packages with health insurance and a gym membership, game rooms and lounges, doggie daycares and flexible working hours – these are just a few incentives IT companies attract employees with.

Work anywhere in the world

IT professionals are in demand worldwide. You can work in the U.S.; go abroad to work for a foreign company or work as a freelance developer from any place in the world.

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2. Computer graphic designer

Designers are needed everywhere

Today, it’s difficult to find an area of human activity that can do without design. Industrial design, graphic design, interior design, web design, game design, advertising design – lots of options available. Whichever field of design you choose – you’ll always have a job.

An opportunity to change perception of common things

Being a graphic designer is a real opportunity to change little things about our world forever. Take Milton Glaser, creator of the most famous New York logo – I heart NY. No words needed, everyone knows what it is. Who knows, maybe it will be you to create a design project that will change our understanding of common things.

Continuous development

Being a good designer means constant self-development. Moreover, it allows to collaborate with fun creative people from around the world, exchange ideas and create extra ordinary projects.

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3. System Administrator/Network engineer

Favorite Job

If you have always been interested in learning how things work and are linked to one another, and have been passionate about computers, you will definitely enjoy a career of System Administrator/Network Engineer. The best job is a well-paid hobby.

It’s Cool!

The main task of a System Administrator/Network Engineer is to support infrastructure or service, ensuring their performance, improvement, modernization and safety. Depending on a company size, a minute of service shutdown can sometimes cost from several thousands to several million dollars. Is there a need to explain that highly qualified specialists are much-in-demand?

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We provide high quality IT education in any of these fields.

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